Individual Mentoring

Through A Kind Rupture, Kirat aims to bridge the gap between the intellect and the intuition by working with young women to foster clarity on personal fulfillment, self-acceptance, and graceful independence. With a focus on enhancing the quality of client’s lives, she uses contemplative practices, like meditation, dialogue, and journaling, to support individuals in lovingly befriending themselves. Kirat works closely with clients to support them in identifying their unique path to self-mastery and aligning to that which is personally meaningful.

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The philosophy behind A Kind Rupture is aligned with the simple recognition that all change is birthed through conflict, and it is through the process of removing one's internal obscurations that a gentle awakening of returning to oneself can truly occur. A Kind Rupture provides a framework for participants to awaken the energy of the divine feminine inherent within each one of them. Through leading guided meditation sessions and embodying a willingness to lean into the full human experience, the offering aims to inspire self-inquiry, evoke courageous discussion, and encourage intentional self-reflection.

the divine feminine in motion

the divine feminine in motion

Henri Cartier Bresson | India in Full Frame


“Kirat is a kind and compassionate practitioner who has clearly invested the time to grow her expertise. She is wise beyond her years and holds space beautifully. I have really enjoyed working with Kirat thanks to her deep insights and intellect. She has guided me through meaningful sessions which have included preparation and follow-up. What sets Kirat apart is her abundant generosity: she is always willing to share interesting resources, personal recommendations, and further reading.”

- Columbia Graduate Student



The offering is rooted in the understanding that the foundation of a life well-lived requires knowing oneself deeply. Each aspect of the program stems from the importance of sustained self-awareness.

Throughout this program, clients can expect to attain the following skills:

  • Mindfulness:

    • increase self-awareness

    • identify & transform limiting beliefs and thought patterns

    • discern between the experience of suffering and liberation

  • Self-Compassion:

    • develop sustainable self-soothing techniques 

    • tend gently to personal suffering and integrate the experience with care

    • establish unconditional self-acceptance

  • Emotional Regulation:

    • intimately explore emotional patterns within the mind and body 

    • advance self-understanding of emotional intelligence 

    • adapt to emotional needs and harmonize experiences skillfully

  • Individuation: 

    • secure graceful independence from social conditioning

    • seek your individual path  

    • express yourself uniquely in the world and refrain from compromising your truth

  • Insight:

    • identify personal value structure and live in accordance with those values

    • determine necessary steps to embodying the highest version of yourself

    • rediscover innate wisdom and access to intuition

  • Autonomy: 

    • navigate inner experience with ease to cultivate equilibrium within

    • reconstruct relationships with circumstances and people to welcome nourishment

    • move through life in alignment with your goals to promote flourishing


“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

/  albert einstein  /