Kirat Randhawa is a contemplative mentor and the founder of A Kind Rupture: an independent offering that implements contemplative training into client work as a method to explore oneself intimately. The philosophy behind Kirat's work is focused on facilitating a subtle, societal shift beautifully designed for each individual’s participation.


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“Kirat has provided several mindfulness programs for the women in my programs. Her style is unique compared to other instructors when talking about the importance of the practice. Not only is her style compassionate and genuine, it comes from a place of true service and understanding. In many ways, Kirat demonstrates how wonderful and useful meditation and mindfulness is to the human mind and body. Her soothing voice and gentle tone keeps participants engaged and enthused. I have witnessed firsthand how she captures the ear and massages the soul. Not only is her technique astonishing, Kirat has demonstrated how warmhearted she is by always offering support to girls and women in East Harlem by always making herself available when I need her. Kirat has been a delightful partner in helping me ensue self-care for those who are often forgotten. I appreciate Kirat and A Kind Rupture and recommend it to anyone who is looking for security and optimistic healing.”

- Coordinator, Department of Health Education at Mount Sinai